Repairs save thousands over replacements.

Short Turnaround Time

Simply put, we can have you back in operation extremely fast. Our goal is to expedite the process from start to finish, returning your working digital x-ray sensor fast.

Cost Effective

We will save you thousands of dollars, by doing your Kodak, Schick, Dexis, Gendex or Dent X dental sensor repair. Why replace when we can repair?

Free Diagnostic

Once we receive your dental x-ray sensor, we will get it on the bench, diagnose and estimate the cost of repair. We will contact you with the price for repair and proceed only with your approval. It will cost you nothing to find out what your repair cost will be.

Commitment to Communication

In most cases, we can make the repairs. If we can't however, we will let you know and return your irreparable sensor to you. We will also be in communication with you during the process. If anything slows us down, you will be the first to know about it. We will manage your expectations from the start and make every effort to exceed those expectations. We are out to build a relationship, and we know that takes work, not just speed and efficiency.


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