Why Repair Your Dental X-ray Sensor?

You can replace your sensor for thousands of dollars, but there is a strong chance that we can repair your existing equipment for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Models We Repair

We currently service several kinds of Kodak X-ray sensors, including the Kodak RVG 5000, 5100, 6000 and 6100. We also repair Schick, Gendex, Dexis and Eva sensors. If you have another model and are not sure if we can handle it, please use our contact form and we will return your call promptly and let you know.

American SensorTech Is Fast

We understand that your time is valuable. When your equipment breaks down it can be a major upset to your business. As such, we streamline our business so that we can reply rapidly, get you a quick estimate and repair and return your equipment fast. Contact us right away to get your repair on the way back to you as soon as possible.

Can My Dental Sensor Be Repaired?

We have fixed broken sensors with a variety of issues. In our opinion most can be fixed. From intermittent issues, involving short-firing or auto-triggering, to unresponsive or unrecognized USB issues, we have the experience to resolve the problems.

What If My Sensor Can't Be Repaired?

In a small minority of cases, we will encounter an issue which is either outside of our ability or remains mysterious after a significant time investment. In these cases, we do not charge for our time spent, however we have to decide when it is right to discontinue work on a particular unit. We will button it back up and return it un-repaired in this event. More than 90% of the time, it doesn't come to this, but it is good to be aware that this outcome is possible. That being said, we are always researching new ways to improve our understanding of even these obscure problems and as well our ability to acquire replacement parts.


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